Tuesday, August 26, 2014

100 Books 2014: 57-62

Somehow all of the John Green books I had on hold at the library because available all at once. So I had a little John Green marathon! I ordered them by how much I liked them, starting with...
An Abundance of Katherines by John Green This is the first John Green book I've haven't liked very much. Its the story of a math obsessed boy who has just been dumped by his 19th girlfriend named Katherine. He goes on a road trip with his best friend to forget about it. Which sounds pretty great, but the road trip is over within a few pages and the rest of the story was just boring to me. Meh.
Paper Towns by John Green I really enjoyed this book. It is a mystery and I loved the way the story unfolds and the twists along the way. It also made me really excited to plan our fall roadtrip, even though it really only mentions roadside America attractions for a few pages. It's the story of a boy about to graduate high school and the girl he has been into since they were children. It isn't the typical story though. At times sad, scary, tense, sweet and surprising. I thought it was great.
Will Grayson Will Grayson by John Green & David Levithan This is my favorite of the bunch! It is told in alternating chapters by two late teen boys, both named Will Grayson. A coming of age story, a "coming out of the closet" story, and a musical written by a high school kind named Tiny called "Tiny Dancer" is featured prominently. A lot of the story focused on the (friend) relationship between Will and Tiny and it felt really authentic to me. This was one of those books where I was having such a good time reading it I was a little sad when it was over.
Before my John Green/Young Adult Fiction marathon I had a little bit of an unintentional dark subject marathon. All three of these books were great, but DARK and all three put me in a weird head space while I was reading them.
Dark Places by Gillian Flynn I read Flynn's book Gone Girl earlier in the year and loved it. Her other books are just as good! Dark Places is the story of a woman who's brother murdered their mother and two sisters when she was seven years old. This story is what happens when she starts to think that he might not have done it. Just like Gone Girl I was surprised by a LOT in this novel and couldn't have predicted what was going to happen. It was interesting to think of what happens to a kid who grows up in the spot light for something so awful.
Child of God by Cormac McCarthy I couldn't think of a good way to describe this book, so here is what it says on Good Reads:"In this taut, chilling novel, Lester Ballard--a violent, dispossessed man falsely accused of rape--haunts the hill country of East Tennessee when he is released from jail.  While telling his story, Cormac McCarthy depicts the most sordid aspects of life with dignity, humor, and characteristic lyrical brilliance". This book is disturbing, bleak  and beautifully written. There are so many passages that I had to read over a few times because the descriptions were so lovely. Even when it was something twisted and awful. I'm really looking forward to seeing the movie that James Franco made of this story recently. 
Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn This story is about a reporter who gets sent back to her hometown to write a story about some chilling murders that are happening. They involve the disappearance of preteen girls who show up strangled with all of their teeth pulled out. Like her other books, Flynn tells a mystery story but it is far from the conventional storyline. I thought I had it figured out by the end but I totally didn't. It was an answer I hadn't even thought of, but thinking back over the story she had been pointing to it the whole time. I read it in two days, one of those I couldn't put down!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Estate Sale Report!

Last weekend I trekked about 30 minutes out of town to check out this estate sale. It was described as the home of two people who loved to travel and go to flea markets. Now they want to pack up in a RV and travel the country so they are selling all their stuff to make some money for their dream. How great does that sound? Here is what I saw:
 I knew it would be pretty good when I saw those deer on the walk up. I liked that guy on the left with the teeny tiny antlers but I don't need another deer head.
Anyone need a full outhouse set up? I wasn't sure if that meant it worked? Or it was just a faux one in case you wanted the sweet look in your backyard.
 Pile of radios. 
Urkel! I won't lie, I was tempted. I don't remember his catch phrase "No sweat, my pet" but it's pretty good.
I was very close to bringing home that wooden donkey! It was only a few bucks. I already have quite a bit of yard art so I left it behind.
Here is what I came home with! A great little wooden shelf. I cleaned and oiled it and it looks as good as new! I've already hung it and part of my salt and pepper collection is hanging on it! Also, check out that vegetarian cook book.
I'm really thrilled about this! I have almost bought one of these on two different occasions but I didn't want to spend 10 bucks. This one was 2! You put it by your bed to put your GUM on when you go to sleep! I don't chew gum, but I love this gross little thing!
 Some birds for the top of the cabinet in our bathroom. A vintage shell lady! And my favorite Christmas album ever on vinyl. I can't wait to listen to this on Christmas morning!
And most exciting is this little cart! I've been wanting one to use at the flea market for a LONG time but never wanted to use part of my flea market budget to get one. So when this guy popped up for just a few dollars I snatched it up! I'm going to give it a makeover soon. I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, August 23, 2014


I've been meaning to change my blog design up for a while. My old computer crashed and I lost all the photoshop files from my old layout. And that one was almost three years old. So here is the new one! A little bit of a different color scheme and a new illustrated portrait! Here is a screenshot so I can see it in 20 years when I'm looking back over my blog. 

 And a couple new topic buttons too!

Friday, August 22, 2014

World's Longest Yard Sale 2014 Finds!

Here is what I brought home this year! Not that much! We didn't even come close to spending our budget. I didn't have enough time to dig through all the junk! But I'm happy with what I got!
Travis insisted on having his two knives in the photo! And there is a better view of my sweet new hat! That little blue print book was the first thing I picked up at the sale. I was hoping it would be something a little cool but it was amazing!

It's full of photos of these ladies on vacation in Cherokee, North Carolina! Roadside chiefs and all! 

I mean, could this photo be any more perfect? The whole little book is like this! And it was a buck!
I got a bunch of salt and pepper shakers for my collection! Aren't the little wooden dog ones sweet? I broke one of those horse's legs as soon as I got home! I fixed it though.
These combine three of my loves in one! Salt and pepper shakers, snow globes, and Florida! The tag said $20 so I was just going to take a photo but the guy said "I'll take three bucks for those." SOLD!
A guy had a BUNCH of cute vintage ornaments. These were the best and I wasn't sure what his prices were going to be like so I just picked them out. Then he said "How about two bucks for all of them?" I wish I would have gone back and gotten more! What was I thinking!?
 An empty scrapbook for some of my vintage dog photos!
 My first set of nodders! I've been waiting on a good price! Now I need a set of the cool skull ones. 
Here is my deer! Isn't he cool? The second I saw him I knew he had to be mine! I'm thinking about making him some kind of wreath for his neck to wear at Christmas. The guy who was selling him asked me if I'd picked a name out, and when I said "No" he said "We'll you should call him Verlin. That is the name of the older man we got him from. We love him too, we just have too much Christmas stuff and have to make some room." I know the feeling dude. And he will be Verlin as long as he lives with me!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The World's Longest Yard Sale Part 2!

I realized yesterday I didn't really explain about the world's longest yard sale. And some of you might not know about it! It is basically a set weekend, usually the first in August. It happens all along highway 127 from Alabama up to Michigan. I've heard the highest concentration of sales happens from Alabama to Kentucky. The first year Travis and I went all the way to the start of the sale because I didn't want to miss anything. In two days we only made it about 15 miles! There are yard sales and fields full of all kinds of vendors! There are TONS of vintage vendors, and a huge variety. Here are some more of the sights we saw.
We stopped in this little town that went all out. There were sales lining the main street through their town.
While we were in Chattanooga we picked up a bunch of vegan donuts (and one oreo filled cookie) to snack on during the day. Yum!
 I call this "Three Hulks"
 The girls on this coke sign are SO CUTE!
 Ugh I love this missile set! 
 and I love how determined this rowing raccoon looks.
 I almost bougt that kitty.
 Check it out! I found another fold up hat! I like this one even better than my pink gingham one! It has a tiny pom pom on top! I got many compliments on it at the sale. And I think most of them were sincere.
 I REALLY wanted this lamp. We need one for our room and this guy is PERFECT. Travis vetoed it though. The one that got away!
But I did come home with this giant chalkware deer! I've never seen anything like him! He has antlers too! I'll show you a better photo of him (and the rest of the stuff I got) tomorrow! It was a little weird to only got for about six hours one day, instead of two full days in a row. But I'm glad we got to do at least a little of it! I love the World's Longest Yard Sale! Next year I want to head up to Kentucky and see what kind of stuff we can find there!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The World's Longest Yard Sale!

It's that time of year again! Time for the world's longest yard sale! This is our third year attending the 127 sale. You can check out previous years if you click the "world's longest yard sale" tag. This year we just went for one day since we had just gotten back from vacation. It was still awesome!
Like last year we just stopped in spots that had tons of vendors. That way we only had to find parking about 5 times.
 I have never seen this cute old Pluto toy, then we saw it three times this one day! It is from the 1930's and from Fisher Price. You pretty much have to be holding it to make it stand up though.
 I always love tombstone salt and pepper shakers.
 I really love crochet watermelon pot holders. I have a few hanging in our kitchen. I kind of wish I had bought this bundle. There is just something about them!
Along the route there are all kinds of food stands. I really wanted a spiral potato like we got last year, but we never saw a stand for one. I DID get some shaved ice! Yum! I got "tiger blood" flavor. It was good! And turned my mouth totally red. A good look I assure you.
 I almost bought this dog food. I did buy the little pile of Christmas in the above photo, don't worry. 
 I would have loved to bring this pennant home, but they wanted 30 dollars. 
 I've found myself really drawn to vintage souvenirs lately. Well, more so than I always have been. I was tempted by those little orange guys! I DID get that Reptile Land plate in the back.
 This year we decided to drive down to Chattanooga to start the route. Partly because we could head north from there and end up close to home. Partly so we could have lunch at Sluggo's in Chattanooga. Home of the Culture Club, our favorite vegan sandwich.
 I was tempted by this little kitchen, and by this "bear."
 Travis making a beeline to "military antiques". The guy selling them was asking crazy prices though!
 This little skate jacket was killing me! Robert went to the American Amateur Artistic Skating Championships!
 I kind of wish I had offered the seller 5 bucks and put the patches on one of my coats!
 Oh ET! I wanted to get this guy. But then I picked him up and he was SOAKING wet! Like someone had used him as a sponge! So I left him behind.
You know I took a ton of photos. So I'll show you some more tomorrow!
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