Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Phyllis in the park!

 It's finally spring and the weather has been beautiful! We spent Sunday afternoon at Centennial park, along with what seemed like half the population of the city! Everyone was so happy, laying in hammocks, flying kites, throwing frisbees. We took Phyllis along, just because she is precious.
 Look at that smug face!
 We took our bocce set and played under the trees. Travis won this round. 
 Her teeth! She doesn't have too many left.
 I had a great day off with two of my favorites. When we got home Phyllis promptly fell asleep and snored the rest of the night away! We spent the rest of the night watching movies and I tried to go to sleep at 8 since I had to get up at 2 am for inventory at work. Blah!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Weezer Weekend: Rivers and Me!

 Here I am! Back with Weezer Weekend part two! On Saturday, Rivers Cuomo had tweeted about going to the Johnny Cash museum at 3 pm and I figured for sure it wasn't really going to happen, or they wouldn't talk to fans. But I was wrong and when I saw a group photo of him with a big crowd of fans I was sick about it! Like I said in my earlier post, Rivers Cuomo has been one of my biggest loves for a LONG time. So when he tweeted about being at Third Man Records on Sunday, I knew I had to go! I was prepared to get there early in the morning and stake it out, but my good friend Ryan was able to get some details so we headed down about 15 minutes before Rivers was supposed to arrive.
 Here we are! At this point I don't believe it is actually going to happen. I'm sure he isn't going to show up or there will be too many people around or something. We hung out for a while, went inside and tried to use their mold o rama machine (it was broken!) and the photo booth (out of paper!) then I saw the bassist Scott in the reflection of the door and my stomach dropped to my feet.
 And then we stepped outside and there he was, little Rivers, man of my nerdy dreams. Ah! 
I talked to Scott first, he was really nice! And had a half gold tooth (the bottom half) which looked awesome! There were maybe 30 to 40 people hanging out? People were being respectful and not crowding or pushing, just politely asking for signatures and photos. Other Weezer fans might notice Karl in the background!
 Ryan took this one of me waiting for my chance to talk to Rivers. I was trying to make a funny face, but it was mostly a real face. I was shaking! Just a little, but I was very nervous that I wouldn't get my chance. Travis encouraged me to step up and talk to him.
It was awkward, as you expect, but I am so thrilled that this happened! I still can't get over it! Here I am with one of my favorite people ever! The thrill of the year!
I didn't get a shot with Brian but I love this one I took of him with my friend Marissa. Doesn't it look like they are buddies?
 She wasn't able to get one with Rivers, but this one is pretty excellent! Haha!
The reason they were there was to record a record in Third Man's booth. They have this awesome booth where for 15 bucks you can record a record and it makes it right there! Here is a great video of the proceedings. If you have eagle eyes you can spot me at 2:03. I'm one row back, the only person in frame without my phone up. I could really only see Brian's back so I figured I would be able to find a better video online once I got home. It was amazing though! I was less than 10 feet away while they recorded that one of a kind 7 inch! 
 Here was my view. Still cool. 
 They signed it when they were done and played it on the stereo. It sounds like it was recorded in the 40's. I need to think of something we can record in that booth. It's so neat!
 So there you have it! Best experience of the year so far! I'm so happy we were able to go, and I was able to meet someone who has been important to me for so long. I got them to sign my well loved Weezer wallet, and now I'm going to retire it and frame it.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Weezer Weekend: I love a good theme!

My favorite band of all time, Weezer, was here in Nashville this past weekend for a two night gig at the Ryman. I've been looking forward to it for months! You can read a little bit about my love of the band here. They have been my biggest obsession ever and I have the blog name (and big dorky tattoo) to prove it! I'm gong to have to split the experience into two posts because it was the best weekend I've had in a long time! I'll be back soon to tell you about MEETING RIVERS CUOMO only my biggest nerd love. I still kind of can't believe it happened.

A bunch of friends were going, and we love a theme, so we had a little Pr(w)eezer party before the Saturday night show. Here is what we had:  
 Kimmie provided the "Somebody's Heine is crowding my icebox....pie"
 Our host Nettie made these perfect, delicious, Islands in the Sun. It is butternut squash soup with a gnocchi island, broccoli trees, quinoa beach, and a little umbrella. I'm still not over how cute it is!
 Kimmie's other half Jamie proved the El Scorcho spicy snack mix. 
 I made Pink Triangle cookies, which didn't turn out quite how I wanted, but you get the idea. 
 And Ryan brought "I'm a pig, I'm a dog, so scuse me if I drool" dogs! It was kind of a weird mix, but it was delicious and fun! I wish we had gotten a group photo before we headed out.
I wore this button that I made back in high school. See the nice packing tape job? I'm pretty sure I added the text in Microsoft paint. I wasn't sure I would wear it, because it's pretty lame, but a positive instagram response encouraged me.
 I stole this collage from Ryan, here we all are moments before the show started! There I am, looking towards the heavens!
 There really aren't any bad seats at the Ryman. We got the cheapest ones (since we were going both nights) and still had a great view. The shows were part of their "memories" thing where they play through their classic albums, plus a greatest hits set. I think I was one of the few people there who cared about them after Pinkerton came out so I was thrilled to hear the other songs!
The highlight was probably when they did an acoustic version of Suzanne. The Ryman is known for its acoustics (it was the home of the Grand Ole Opry for a long time) and the song sounded amazing. Here is a little video of it from youtube. I wish I had been so close!
After the greatest hits set they had a little slide show and the played the Blue Album all the way through. I cried a few times during the show, mostly from being overwhelmed with happiness. Karl posted this photo on the official site and I love it! We were in the balcony, a little to the left.
The second night saw our numbers a little diminished, and we moved the party to my house. I went simple and just had pork and beans with candy, cuz you know, the song "I eat my candy with the pork and beans." Backdrop provided by the stunning painting I made of Rivers in high school ( I told you I was obsessed!)
Such a delicious combo! We also had salt and vinegar kettle chips, just because.
The pugs love it when people come over because they get even MORE attention. Little Phyllis is pretty hard to resist.
Our seats for night two were a little more to the side, but I loved it because we could see Rivers' kids dancing around backstage!
See that? That is his little toddler son, running around pretending to shred on a ukelele. It was killing me! Rivers' 7 year old daughter Mia came out and played keys for a song both nights. How cool is that?
This time after the little intermission/slide show they came out and played Pinkerton all the way through. That album is critical to me being who I am today. It felt a little like a religious experience being there. I'm not even kidding.  It's just so GOOD, and sincere, and weird and meant to much to me at  a hard time in my life. I cried again, this time during the beginning of Across the Sea, and at the end during Butterfly (OF COURSE).
So it was a perfect weekend. I'm so happy they brought the memories tour here and I was in a position to be able to go both nights and scream along with so many other happy people. My voice was hoarse on Monday. But it was worth it!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend finds!

This past weekend was one of my best ever. Mostly because of Weezer's two night engagement at the Ryman, but that's for another post. I can't even process it enough to write about it now! BUT I also went to two estate sales, and back for a second round at that amazing sale from last week! Here is what I picked up!
I posted about this box of Putz houses last week and how I thought I regret not getting them for 20 bucks. Well they were still there and they let us have them for 10! Such a deal! They are in ok shape, and I have plans to rehab some of them. I'm so excited to make a little Putz village next Christmas!
 That big one in the back is my favorite! Now I just need to find a bottle of old glass glitter!
 I got this little trio of deer too. The guy in the front didn't have a broken leg when I bought them. I dropped them at home. Dang.
 Last but not least, I bought some little scraps of wrapping paper (those are actually from one of the estate sales now that I think of it) and that pretty angel. Her body is made of paper, covered with netting and glitter. And those sparkly arms!

Neither of the estate sales I went to were amazing (one was full of mid century furniture but it sold within moments) but I can always find a few little things. That little cat/child/angel is so cute! I have a few little animals with the pink flowers on their chests. I have tried to find out something about them but could never find the right search terms.
Here is the weird kitty child with some of my other figurines.
 I'm always on the lookout for usable kitchen stuff. Isn't that a cute garlic press? I also can't ever resist old aluminum measuring spoons. I need to do a post on that weird collection.
 I don't come across these fake flowers often but I really like them! I have an arrangement on top of the cabinet in our bathroom, and this one is now in my craft room. Our cats (Scampi specifically) can't leave real plants a lone, so these are a fun alternative.
 A couple old books. I want to actually read the Swiss Family Robinson. The Health Habits book was for Travis, to go with his first aid stuff.
 It has some really beautiful illustrations inside. And weird chapters. There is one about a little girl who gets kidnapped by "Indians" and they threaten to cut off her hair for some reason. And that is supposed to teach you about taking care of your hair by brushing it every night and washing it once a week.
 This one of "Robert and his treasure box" is my favorite! Look at his robe!
In the photos for one house there was an amazing vintage dog bed, but it was gone by the time I got there. Thankfully there were still some dog coats for me to get! 2 bucks a pop and really nicely made!
 I'm sure they belonged to this little lady! There were only two vintage photos in the house, and the cashier let me just have this one. Isn't it great? Those colors! I can't wait to frame it!
I was able to get this vintage set of dog dishes too! Phyllis needs a stand so she can eat comfortably and the one we had wasn't nearly as cute as this one!
Back to the coats, this one is by "Fashions by Rose". it is nice and lined with velvety buttons.
 I mean.....
 And here she is in the little raincoat! 
 And last but not least the Santa beard and hat! Please excuse my face, I was laughing so hard! This is the only picture where I looked simi-normal. Look at Phyllis! I can't wait to put here in this again at Christmas! Travis kept asking her questions and she was doing the pug head tilt and that hat was just flapping around. Best 50 cents I've ever spent!
 Last but not least, I don't need another afghan but this one was too pretty to resist.
 I don't have any photos of the houses this week. They weren't very interesting, but this was in the yard next door to one of the houses. I want one of those bird baths so bad! but never see them for sale. There were actually two in this yard! The other one was mini sized. Someday one will be mine!

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