Thursday, October 23, 2014

Costumes of Halloweens Past

I love Halloween! While plotting and planning for my costume this year I started looking through some photos of past costumes and thought it would be fun to share some of them! Starting with the witch costumes Crystal and I wore on a hike in the Smokey Mountain National Park.
We always dressed up as kids and I swore I had lots of photos, but I could only find this one. My brother and I as lions. My uncle Lonnie made these!
One year I was Brody Dalle from the Distillers. Fake tattoos drawn on and all.
Another time I was Stephen Colbert. With Harry Potter glasses.
One time Travis and I dressed as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle dumb. It was for our Mad Tea Party, but I think it counts. Another random night I dressed up as a pirate at Crystal's house. There are a LOT of silly pictures from that night.
There were a couple years where we dressed up as zombies all the time. I still have a makeup kit full of flesh colored latex and blood gel and fake wounds. I almost always did the slit throat.
Haha, there are a lot of portraits of us dressed up like this smiling.
Then I was a fox. I couldn't find a full body shot. I had a tail.
One year Crystal and I both dressed up as Miss Argentina from Beetlejuice. I love this green foundation! I kinda wish it wasn't freaky to wear it all the time.
We wore these costumes to the zombie walk. People kept asking if I was Avatar. UGH!
The next year I reused that face paint and did a witch thing. Travis wears that skeleton body suit whenever he can't think of anything else.
And last year I was a vulcan. Since Travis was Spock. Yowza!
Halloween is the best! I hope the costume I have in mind words out this year! What is your favorite costume you ever wore? I wanna see!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pumpkin Carving Party

Our friend Ashley has us over for pumpkin carving and scary movies last night. She went all out and created themed treats! I LOVED it! We used to throw theme parties all the time! I need to get back in the habit.
Puke-a-mole. The fake worms really brought it to another level!
French bread pizza ghosts! And band-aid appetizers. Haha, so gross! So cute!
She has four cute cats! This is scout. I love grey cats so much.
Their house is so amazing! She has this big curio cabinet filled with weird stuff. I need one!
We talked and laughed for a long time then got down to business and carved our pumpkins.
Justin entertained us by playing old music videos we requested. Like Korn, and POD.
I went with an old classic.
Crystal made a perfect ghoul!
This guy looks great by my back door!
Yeah! We never ended up watching a scary movie, but it was just as fun to eat spooky treats and laugh! I can't wait for Halloween!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Narrows of the Harpeth

It was a beautiful weekend here in Nashville and we made the most of it by going on a hike this past Sunday. We went to the Narrows of the Harpeth. I have seen photos of it on social media (is that lame? no?) and always wanted to go. It was gorgeous!
This is the main thing I wanted to see. I thought it would be a hike to get there, but it only took about 10 minutes. The water is pretty low right now but it was still cool!
It was so fun to sit up on top of it! Travis and Marc climbed up the front, the rest of us went around and just walked up the stair-like rocks on the side. This is a photo of Crystal taking a selfie. Haha.
View from above the waterfall. We packed a lunch and it seemed kind of lame to eat if after we'd only "hiked" for ten minutes, but this seemed like the perfect spot. To bad you can't swim here!
We thought these rocks looked like coffins. Coooooooool.
Travis is down there throwing the biggest rocks he can into the water.
There was also a rock skipping competition. I forgot how to do it apparently.
After we walked back from the tunnel we walked up to the bluff. Both hikes were way easier than I was expecting.
Gorgeous view! Everyone was freaking out just because I slipped a little bit kind of close to the edge. It was fine!
We told him to pose like Sasquatch.
We found a creepy cave and crawled in of course.
We'll be back when it warms up to go canoeing here! It was such a nice place!
On the way back to town we passed a sign for a pumpkin patch. So of course we stopped. It was strange. No pumpkins to buy? But there were these awesome weird cut outs. Look at that scary thing!
I love these things.
Group photo! We were the only people there because the hay ride had just left. Worth it!
Our last stop was Joann's so Crystal could buy some vinyl. We got the boys to pose in front of these flowers outside. How cute are they? I feel like I need this as a poster.
What a fun day! We ended up at Crystal's house watching Idle Hands and drinking cider cocktails. Perfect.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Trip planning!

Like I mentioned yesterday, I'm in the midst of planning our fall road trip. We're leaving in just a few weeks! This time Travis and I are taking on part of the country we've never been to! We're going to New England! I posted about it on instagram yesterday and got so many good suggestions! Here is our tentative route. (Except I'm going to find the best way to avoid New York city)
So I think we're going to hit Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Boston, Providence, Salem, Ithaca, Niagara Falls, and Cleveland. It's pretty ambitious, and I'm SO EXCITED about it! Do you have any suggestions for places we HAVE to go? Food we have to eat? Things we need to see?

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