Sunday, April 20, 2014

100 Books 2014: 27-35

I'm still chugging along with my book goal! I have really liked almost every I've read so far this year, which is weird and awesome! Here are some recent ones I added to my list. I was able to get a kindle with some trade in credit at our local used book store so I've been reading everything on there lately. 
Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in the Air, House of Many Ways by Diana Wynne Jones: I picked up the first one because I LOVE the Studio Ghibli film version. If you haven't seen it, what are you waiting for! The book was wonderful, and different enough that it was fun to read. The last half is actually pretty different from the movie. The two sequels are interesting because they don't focus on the characters you met in the first book. The House of Many Ways was probably my favorite. It reminded me of something I would have read and become obsessed with as a child. I'm going to pick up some more books by Diana Wynne Jones this year for sure!
Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat by Hal Herzog: This one is on lots of vegetarian/vegan reading lists all though it isn't written by a vegetarian and it doesn't try to convince you one way or another on the issue. It reminded me of a Mary Roach book. Each chapter/section focused on a different way we think of animals. I found the animal research chapter especially fascinting. This book challenges you to think about WHY we think about certain animals, certain ways.
Loteria: A Novel by Mario Alberto Zambrano: It's hard to tell from this screen capture but the actual book is really beautiful! The paper is thick, the illustrations are vibrant, and the covers are imprinted. I picked it up from a table at the library based solely on looks. The story starts with a young woman in a shelter and the social worker wants her to write her story using the Loteria deck to jog her memory. The story unfolds in a really interesting way and I enjoyed it.
My Friend Dahmer by Derf Backderf: I have always been uncomfortable with the glorification of serial killers so I wasn't interested in reading this at first. But Travis really liked it and convinced me to give it a try. The graphic novel takes place before Dahmer commited his famous string of murders. Backderf went to high school with him and the story is an interesting portrait of what he was like.
Saga: Volume 2 by Brian K. Vaughan: Like I said earlier this year, this is the best comic series going on right now in my completely uneducated opinion. I'm waiting for the volumes because I can't stand to be done reading after five minutes like you are if you go issue by issue. Again, it's the story about two aliens from waring races running across the universe to keep their child safe. But it's so much better than it sounds! I can't wait for volume 3!
Moomin: The Complete Tove Jansson Comic Strip: I've seen Moomin online before and always thought the characters were so cute! But I didn't know anything about the comics they came from. The stories are so strange and wonderful and the illustration style is killer! I'm looking for the next volume to read now!
Wet Moon 6 by Ross Campbell: I've been reading Wet Moon books since early college and I love how Ross Campbell draws. His women are so varied and beautiful. I was bummed about this book though. They take FOREVER to come up (over a year!) and book 5 ended on a huge cliff hanger. This one is all waiting around a hospital. Don't get me wrong, I"m still happy to see the characters, it just feels like, that's ALL you are going to give us after so long?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Vintage Photo Friday: Displaying My Collection

I've been making it a point to get all the photos I've collected over the past few years together in one place. I keep finding little stashes of them around the house but I THINK I've found them all. Recently I've been working on getting them all into the blank scrapbooks I've been collecting just for that purpose. Here are most of them, unsorted.
I started by sorting them into loose categories. It gave me such a dorky thrill to lay them all out! This isn't even half of them. It is my favorite collection by far.
My collection started with just dog photos, but it has expanded to include many other things.
After a few hours I had them like this. The cetegories are dogs, cats/other animals, vacation/awkward swimsuits, weird, favorites, and "other."
Yesterday I finally got around to putting some of them in this book. The cats were VERY into "helping" me with this task.
II bought this scrapbook at an estate sales a few years ago. It is the biggest, unused one I have found. 
It just had the dedication in the front, and "Christmas 1945" written on one page. I wonder why "Mother" never used it. I'm using it for my vintage dog photos, since it is pretty big. Hopefully I'll be able to get all my photos in there.
At first I planned on using only vintage photo corners to get the photos in, but I almost never come across them so I decided to just get modern ones. They are acid free and will help keep the photos in good shape anyway.
Thanks for holding those photos down Scampi.
And yes Murray, I did need some help flattening the pages out! So sweet.
I worked on this for about two hours while watching the last two episodes of series two of Call the Midwife. Have you seen it yet? It is SO GOOD! The 1950's styling is incredible and the storytelling is excellent! I cry during pretty much every episode. I can't wait for series three to come out on Netflix!
I finally got the cats OFF my work space by putting this manilla envelope out on the table. Cats are so weird. But it worked! They took turns sitting on it.
I ran out of photo corners (I had one box of 250 and somehow thought that would be enough) so I'll have to get more and finish another day.
So that is how I display my photo collection! It makes them so much easier to look through and enjoy. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Antiquing in Murfreesboro

Last Sunday Travis suggested we check out some antique malls we hadn't been to before in Murfreesboro. We lived there when we first got married, but I wasn't super into vintage yet so I hadn't been to any of the vintage stores in the area so I wasn't sure what to expect. But this place was amazing! I'll definitely be back, and fellow Nashvillians take note! We went to Antique Centers 1&2, located 2213 S. Church Street. There is another shop next to these called Antique Unlimited, but it was more fine antiques and glassware, not what we're into.
 Right through the doors of the first one we went into was a HUGE booth full of amazing vintage Christmas! I was drooling! Do you love that big santa with the strange black eyes? And now I kind of wanted a frosted tree. It's beautiful!
There was a whole case full of beautiful old glass ornaments. A little tree next to this had the weirdest blown glass mushroom people! I hadn't seen any like them before, shame I didn't take a photo for some reason.
 Spun cotton santas and those pinecone gnomes I love so much. 
 This booth had tons of trees, some old, some new and cute. Feather trees, aluminum trees, everything a Christmas fiend needs! On that mint shelf were vintage style putz houses. They were big and covered with vintage touches.
 I'm not sure if this Santa thing would have looked less creepy in its original state!
A lovely set of putz houses in the original box!. Next to it is a "snowball punch bowl".
 Travis pointed out this creepy snowman baby to me! Ah!
 Speaking of Travis, he is the best vintage shopping buddy. He is really good at finding things I'll like.
 Kewpies! Such a sweet postcard.
 II was on the lookout for vintage Easter but didn't find much in my budget. Check out the little pipe cleaner animals in this case. Aren't they sweet? I was tempted to get one of those little antelope type guys in the front, but wasn't sure where I would put them.
 I have a small collection of buttons like this, but I've never seen them this big! I bought three, lady tickler, when I'm full take me home, and another one I can't remember right now....
 Creepy puppet section.
 How cute are these?  I thought they were going to be the usual days of the week ones, but when I spread them out I saw this!
 I wouldn't go to to circus nowadays but I love seeing old circus stuff. This postcard was so good! Look at the little poodles! "Dog and Pony Act." I've got to get a little poodle someday!
We were cracking up over these creepy mittens and when I was asking Travis to hold them for a photo the dealer walked up and said 'Oh aren't those sweet? I've always thought they were just so cute!" 
 This little chalk dog reminded me of Phyllis but was priced a little higher than I wanted to pay. Shame. 
 And last but not least, some spun cotton pilgrims! 
We browsed for a few hours but just came home with a few treasures. The buttons I mentioned earlier, this Rock City pennant (the cashier said she thought it looked 40's but I'm not sure) and a blank scrapbook!
 Here is a close up. I'm going to put some of my vintage vacation photos in it! I didn't really notice how SAD the illustration is until I got it home. "No Hugging Allowed in this Park" with this crying bear chained to a pole! What in the world!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Phyllis in the park!

 It's finally spring and the weather has been beautiful! We spent Sunday afternoon at Centennial park, along with what seemed like half the population of the city! Everyone was so happy, laying in hammocks, flying kites, throwing frisbees. We took Phyllis along, just because she is precious.
 Look at that smug face!
 We took our bocce set and played under the trees. Travis won this round. 
 Her teeth! She doesn't have too many left.
 I had a great day off with two of my favorites. When we got home Phyllis promptly fell asleep and snored the rest of the night away! We spent the rest of the night watching movies and I tried to go to sleep at 8 since I had to get up at 2 am for inventory at work. Blah!
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