Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Two Sales!

It's been so long since I've been to an estate sale or antique mall! My monthly vintage budget just keeps rolling over so maybe I'll go crazy at the World's Longest Yard Sale this year or something.
The same friends who had this amazing sale last year had another one last week and I had to go. I wasn't able to make it until they had been open a few hours, so I missed out on tons of stuff, but I still found a few treasures. Going through their stuff put me in the junking mood so I did a quick search and found a sale advertised in Old Hickory that had toys from the 50's and 60's. Sold!
Here is what I came home with:
If you've been following along you know we're in the midst of a big home clean out. So should I really be visiting sales and bringing home old toys? I feel fine about it actually.
How is that moth tin so cute? I hung it in our kitchen where we have lots of vintage red stuff on the walls. I got that little Santa Claus, Indiana plate for our newly hung state plate hall. And I think I'll put that bunny plaque somewhere to hang our keys on.
I can't leave behind a flocked deer, especially not for 25 cents! And the little white tag on the bear says "Great Smokey Mountains."
Some more members of my decrepit old stuffed animals club.
Look at how cute this lady is! I haven't seen one like her before.
This little view finder was in a jumble of jewelry and I expected to see some kind of vacation scene. Maybe the capitol building or the beach. But instead I saw this:
So I HAD to buy it. I love her expression!
This little caiman was tucked on a top shelf in the basement. His hands are missing but I've been wanting one of these (another one I guess, I got one for Christmas) and couldn't pass up the great 50% off day price! Even without hands he is still cute.
I spent less than 20 bucks and got a nice junk fix. What a fun morning!
I had to share these too! Not from a sale, I got these from a friend on instagram. I LOVE THEM! I have a small kokeshi collection, and these teeny candle holders are just too cute. I need to get some vintage birthday candles to use with them. The holes are a little too small for modern candles.
The box is so perfect too! Maybe I'll put this in a little shadowbox or something so I can enjoy them all the time.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

First Trip to Rock Island of the Summer!

I know it's only the beginning of May but I am already in full summer mode. The past few days the highs have been in the 90's so Travis and I decided to drive out to Rock Island State Park yesterday for a swim. It is the best swimming hole around! For now I'm getting weekends off at work so we're planning to take advantage of this place all summer.
Last summer we learned about the Twin Falls overlook parking that is much closer to our preferred swimming spot than the main parking. Instead of carrying your cooler over treacherous rocks you just walk down this nice path. So much better.
Last summer we realized how awesome sun hats are. I'm on the lookout for more of these sweet fold up ones! This one is vintage and has a tiny pom pom on top. I love it so much.
Here it is, what a beautiful place! There are some even more beautiful waterfalls if you keep on the trail. I haven't visited them in a while, maybe next time.
Even though it was around 90 degrees, it was cloudy so it wasn't super crowded. The water was SO COLD!
Setting up camp.
In this spot there are a few ledges that are about knee deep so you can wade out while you get up your courage to jump in. You can also jump off the rocks if you are brave. We used the slow wade method this Saturday.
It felt so good to be out in the sun. I'm making myself a goal to swim at least once a week this summer. I've got a few pools I can go to, Rock Island, Burgess Falls, Percy Priest. I can't wait!
Oh and I got a waterproof camera! I have been wanting one for a while and got this one for a great deal at Costco! I can't wait to use it all summer! I'm happy with it so far.
Sharing the super noodle.
I got a new swimsuit too! That one from Modcloth that everyone has. I really love it. You can't start off this summer in last summer's suit. Do any of you listen to Who Charted? Howard Kremer's "Have a summah" philosophy has for real changed my life. I used to think I hated swimming and the beach and the sun. So dumb!
We had some cider and chips and peach salsa. Yum! Wonderful swim fuel.
We stayed about three hours, it was great.
Here is Twin Falls. Maybe one time we'll walk the trail down to see it closer.
Scenic selfie.
This is going to be the best summer ever!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

New Fun Place: Game Galaxy!

Travis and I heard about Game Galaxy when our friend Nettie had her birthday party there a few months ago. We were out of town and weren't able to go, but recently we were looking for something to do on a Saturday night and ended up there. It was awesome!
Game Galaxy is an arcade in the Hickory Hollow area. The best part is you pay a flat fee and play all the games you want! We did 10 dollars which is good until they close. I think they also offer a 30 minute and 1 hour rate. We were there about 2 and a half hours and it was totally worth it!
It isn't anything fancy, just rows and rows of arcade games and pinball machines. It was amazing! I like playing pinball but usually you get three balls for a dollar and I suck so that lasts about 1 minute. Unlimited plays means you can actually figure things out.
It was about 6:30 on Saturday and there were maybe 15 other people there? It didn't feel crowded and there were so many games you never had to wait. They even had a few driving/racing games and Travis and I played through all the levels of Cruisin' World. So fun!
Travis' favorite pinball machine is the Addam's family one. I played it maybe 30 times and the first time the Thing hand popped up in the back I jumped thinking somehow a guy that worked there was reaching in fixing it? Which makes no sense but it scared me!
There were so many cute games.
The Elvira game might have been my favorite. I love the graphics!
And you know I had to play the Star Trek game. I couldn't quite figure out how to change the missions so Travis took over for a while. The game right next to it was some kind of fighting game and a father/daughter pair was playing it the whole time I was standing there,  complete with good-natured trash talk. Perfect!
Have you ever seen this game? It was hilariously gruesome. You use a rifle and shoot people that are being tortured, or shoot a crank that lowers a body into a river of blood and and alligator eats it, or you try to shoot decapitated heads that fall from the ceiling before a dog grabs them. It  is all really pixelated so it isn't actually gruesome, but it is so weird!
Also, what could be better than unlimited Dance Dance Revolution?
You can buy cans of soda and bags of chips, some used video games, and join a game tournament. I'm so happy we finally tried this place out! I know we'll be back!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Kon Mari Part Three: Paper!

We're still chugging along with on KonMari decluttering "event", which is part of the reason I haven't been posting much. We're at the stage where things get worse before they get better so it is a little overwhelming at times! Here are some photos from the night we did the paper category. We also did cookbooks that night, just because it worked out that way. Here is the before:
We piled up all the cookbooks, and Travis pulled everything out of our three drawer filing cabinet. Some people in the facebook group I'm in took DAYS to do this category. I think because we're in our 20's (well, until a few days ago!) and have a lot of stuff online, don't use credit cards, and haven't had any medical issues (knock on wood) we didn't have much to go through. All our files are in the green crate, along with mailing supplies/cards/notebooks.
It was pretty funny to go through these files. For some reason I've been filing every vet bill we've ever gotten by pet (we have five so that adds up!). Why do I need an invoice for Priscilla's ear infection medicine? I kept just the most recent rabies vaccination slips and the dog's microchip information.
I also had files of phone bills going back years, bank statements from an account I had before I got married (7 years ago) and of course the pile of manuals for appliances we don't have anymore. This category was easy for us.
I couldn't believe Travis didn't want to keep this X-ray of his teeth! But I have to respect his process. So I snapped a pic and then it got shredded.
There is all the paper we got rid of! Woah!
Our shredder sucks (we trashed it in another category actually) so Travis went the burn route. Even if our shredder didn't suck he would have done this. Building a fire is one of his favorite things to do.
After the first round here is what I was down to! About a quarter of the cookbooks I had before (I use most of these a lot, and some others are pretty new and by authors I reference a lot) a pile of files to organize and just a few blank cards to keep on hand. We ended up not needing the filing cabinet at all (bummer cuz it was cute and green) so we put it out at the end of our driveway and a guy in a truck picked it up within 30 minutes. In the same day I got rid of our bedside tables. Mine just held a pile of books that didn't move for over a year, and a bowl of receipts and trash. I haven't missed them yet!
After sorting here are all our important papers (minus our giant mortgage folder, I'm not sure what of that we need to keep, so I'm going to go through it later when I'm in the mood). One binder holds our last 7 years of tax refund info, the other has everything else.
I bought these binders a few years ago because I loved how they looked but never really had a use for them. I'm happy I get to use them now!
I'm still loving Kon Mari even though we've slowed down. The process really works!
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