Wednesday, February 18, 2015


A very sweet blog reader sent me the BEST package in the mail last week. Nancy first emailed me with some suggestions for our fall road trip, and asked if I would like some of the cards she collected when she was a kid. Of course! I was so delighted to open up the envelope and see all these amazing Valentine's! I had a few vintage Valentine's and have been on the lookout for me. I love every single one of these! So many I would have snapped right up if I'd seen them at an antique mall.
My favorite is the deer, or maybe that little space dude.
Oh wait, no, it's the hot dogs! How cute is that hot dog couple??
She also included this little knit outfit with a note saying her husband got it on a bottle of hot sauce over 30 years ago and maybe it would fit my squirrel. Mr. Squirrel is pretty giant, but it first my little ermine PERFECTLY! I have been cracking up every time I look at it.
Haha! I love how tall the hat is. I think this weasel needs a few more outfits. Thank you again Nancy, you are so thoughtful!
I know those Valentines up there made you wonder what we got up to on that love holiday. I had to work actually, but I took some time to finally make a custom banner with the kit I got for Christmas. I think I'll leave it up for a while.
I made Travis some vegan Shirley Temple cupcakes and left him this little display to find. He bought me a GIANT gift pack from Lush that totally blew me away! I can't wait to use all 18 bath bombs! Ah!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Snow Day! Ice Storm!

We don't get much winter weather here in Tennessee and an inch of snow can shut Nashville down. The past few days everyone was been freaking out and buying all the bread at every grocery store in town because of an impending winter storm. We didn't get the foot of snow some were predicting, but the whole city was covered in ice. It was so bad the store I work at actually didn't open, which hasn't happened in YEARS. Travis didn't have to go to work either. I was so happy to be snug at home and not slipping and sliding around town. We had a great day.
I worked until 4 them night before so I slept late. When I woke up Travis made us french toast with caramelized bananas and we watched That Thing You Do! What a perfect morning. In the afternoon we got bundled up and walked around our neighborhood.
The last ice storm we had was in 1995. It was way worse than this though. I'm so glad our power didn't go out!
It was fun walking around looking at all the frozen plants. We only saw a few other people out, and a few cars. We live on a busy road in a crowded part of town so it was strange.
We kicked lots of things to watch the ice fall off too. Like this sweet caution tape.
We walked around for about 45 minutes until the constant freezing rain got too cold. The rest of the day was spent eating carbs and watching Girls. I finally starting watching it and I love it! We just started season 3.
I'm supposed to work at 6 am tomorrow, but the Mayor is telling everyone to stay home because all the ice and water on the roads is just going to refreeze tonight and be worse tomorrow. I won't be mad if I get another snow day.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New Tattoo: I woke up like this

My friend Eli is a tattoo artist (he did my Spock tattoo, and my Swiss Chalet cuckoo clock tattoo) and he recently posted a photo  on his instagram of a tattoo he had drawn for someone who didn't show up for the appointment. I instantly fell in love with it and picked a day to go in,  but then I had a hard time deciding what I wanted it to say in the heart. I tossed lots of stuff around from "Phyllis and Priscilla" to " Duh" to "Be My Baby" as a tribute the Ronettes, etc. But I finally landed on this:
One, because I love Beyonce and that song is one of my favorites (you can see the video here) and two as a kind of self love reminder to myself. I've struggled with self acceptance for a long time, and though I have made some real strides in the last few years, I always need a reminder to be kind to myself.
I really love how this piece turned out. I probably wouldn't have picked that yellow color but he suggested it and it looks so good! Over the years I've learned it's best to find an artist who you trust, give them a basic idea, and let them make something beautiful for you instead of having ever single detail picked out before you go in.
It is kind of hard to tell in that photo but it is pretty big, and under the knee on my left leg. You can see it better here:
Dang! Now that leg looks a little busy (my big Audrey 2 piece is on that thigh) so I'll have to get something big on the other side to balance it out. If you are in the area check Eli out! He works at Safe House Tattoo and is really talented and fun to talk to. We actually talked a little too much and he had to bump the girls who were coming in after me. To get, you won't believe this, flawless tattoos! Isn't that crazy!
I have been a little nervous about getting my shins done but it wasn't bad at all! I can't wait to get something on the other one.
Here is the original drawing if you are curious. I think it was meant to be mine!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A day in great detail

When I had a live journal I was obsessed with the Day in the Life communities. Basically you took tons of photos of your day, showing every little detail. I remember my favorite community had a 100 image limit and sometimes it was hard for me to narrow it down! Haha, I've never been good at editing.
I decided to try and document my day last Friday, my day off. Here goes!
One of my favorite things to do when I'm off is go get the dogs from their room when I wake up, put them in bed with me and read for a few hours. Phyllis and Priscilla love it!
Finally decide to get up about 10:30. I let Scampi in our room too, she loves to lay on my pillow with me. Which is why we keep her out at night.
Late breakfast and more reading. I'm super into the Rip's Big Bowl cereal right now. I bought a bunch of boxes when it was on sale at my Whole Foods. It's especially good if you load it up with fresh fruit.
Always there, always lurking.
Getting ready for the day. Remember my goal this year is to get over myself and do what I want without worrying about looking dumb? So I've been wearing cat eyes and lipstick most days. I've been listening to my spotify dance party mix all day every day! We finally bought a Bluetooth speaker so I can easily have a solo dance party. 
I always have an audience. Priscilla was sitting on my feet.
I decided to head out to an estate sale that looked pretty good. It advertised a 70 year accumulation, 50's and 60's stuff, so I thought I'd give it a try. I listened to Rupaul's podcast on the way. It is the best.
The drive took me way out of town, down near the Natchez Trace parkway. I bet it would have been a nice drive in the spring.
I made it!
It was a big bummer. 70 year accumulation my foot! There was almost no furniture, and just a few tables of items in each room. The basement was perfectly cleaned out! I saw a couple cute things. Like that little guy with the trumpet.
And that embroidered kitty towel. Look at this picture I'm so mad I didn't notice the folding rack it is hanging on! I've been looking for one of those for a few months! Dangit!
This sign made me laugh.
I carried this pot holder around for a while. It is so cute! But I really don't need another pot holder that is too pretty to use. I have a whole drawer full!
Here is all I bought. Two Golden Books from the 70's for a buck fifty each. Eh. Not worth the over an hour round trip. Oh well.
Went to the grocery store on the way home to get some supplies to make a vegan strawberry coffee cake. But then I couldn't find non-dairy yogurt so it had to wait a few more days.
Pups are ready to be fed, even though I was only gone two hours.
Check the mail, my tickets to Drag Race: Battle of the Seasons came! It isn't until March but I can't wait! Bonus it is in Louisville!
It is such a beautiful day! It was overcast here for the last two months and I'm happy to see the sun out. Take the pugs into the backyard for a potty break. No matter how nice it is outside, they are always eager to go back in so they can fall asleep on the couch.
I sit with them and start up a documentary. I'm trying to clear off our Netflix queue. I watching nothing but Gilmore Girls for a while and now the queue is over 200 deep! This one is called Crazy Love about an insane obsessive relationship. Watch it, it's bonkers! Then make it a double crazy feature and watch Tabloid.
Made myself some fries and a grilled cheese for lunch. Fellow vegans, if you have not had the new Field Roast cheese product Chao yet, run to your local health food store! It is AMAZING. I also treat myself to a Bundaberg ginger beer. Travis doesn't like them because they are too spicy, but they are perfect for me!
Travis came home around 4? 5? And I got distracted and didn't take any photos for a little bit. We went to the bargain matinee of Inherent Vice. I LOVED it! For a lot of the film I was totally confused but still enjoying myself, which doesn't happen that much for me. Joaquin Phoenix is so good in it. Totally recommend.
I got a Barnes and Noble gift card for Christmas so we went there to spend it. I didn't have any books I wanted so we looked at games. Why are all the board games 40 to 70 dollars??? Has it always been like that? What is going on?? I did see anything I wanted that was a reasonable price so was about to walk out when I saw this:
Isa Moskowitz is the queen of vegan cooking and I have been wanting this book since it came out! I had totally forgotten. I have most of her other books and every single recipe I've tried is amazing. She is actually coming here to do a cooking demonstration in just a few weeks and I'm dying to go but it's really expensive.
They ordered pizza several times in Inherent Vice so I was in the mood for a slice. We went to Mellow Mushroom and they sat us all alone in this weird back room in a booth for 10 people. There was a bunch of stuff stacked up in there to like it was a storage room. So strange. The pizza was good though!
We got one with daiya cheese, artichoke hearts, and roasted red peppers. Yum! After we ate we headed home and probably sat on the couch for a while, then went to bed. What a fun day.
I'm off again tomorrow and am determined to make the most of it because after that I'm working seven days in a row. Ugh. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Rare Bird Antiques

The Rare Bird in Goodlettsville is one of my favorite sources for vintage in my area. It is about 15 minutes north of town, but worth the short drive. There are lots of hip vintage shops popping up in town, but I still prefer malls like this. The prices are usually so much better!
One thing I really love about Rare Bird is the HUGE selection of dead stock stuff and old packaging. They have tons in every category you can imagine.
 A whole shelf of antique soap and detergent products! So cool.
I love that Monkey Jungle sticker. It looks like it is still open, but they don't have chimps playing guitars or riding bikes anymore.
I was hoping to find some vintage Christmas on clearance but there was almost none. I was tempted by this little stocking but it was stained and priced a little high.
 I would love to have this concrete poodle to sit by my back door.
 Travis found this Victorian monkey fur capelet! So cool! And kinda gross. And nearly $200.
 Love that Panda with the google eyes.
 The packaging on the parakeet food was killing me. It is all so cute!
 Here is what we brought home. Two cactus glasses to replace the two of mine that Travis broke.
 A silly little skunk I couldn't resist for 75 cents and a funny little honeycomb ornament.
 And a few vintage photos for my collection. I especially like the chihuahua lounging in the back yard.

Rare Bird Antique Mall
212 South Main St., Goodlettsville, TN 37072
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